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Quality policy - Customer satisfaction oriented
Through continuous process improvement, we strive for zero defects

Quality system - ISO9001, ISO14001

Certifications - FCC, CE, UL, CQC, PSE, UN38。3 etc。

Green environment standards - RoHS, REACH。


Barcode trace system

Our own Barcode trace system can trace all the material information including batch number, detection specification , assembling and delivery information etc. Through the system each section can get the real time feedback of the material preparation, assmebling process and product maintainance.


● Cell batches number

● Incoming Quality Information

● Material date

● Production date

● Delivery date

● Quality Control Information

● Barcode

● Brand

Automatic Cells Match

In order to detect the Internal resistance and Voltage of the cell in different times accurately and then for better management of the batteries, we develop an automatic cell matching system, which allows us to detect the decay rate of the cells.

Main Test Items

● Voltage


● Chemstry IR