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Power tool

Before lithium power was low and durability was poor, which could not meet the strong operation demand。 The main electric tool was DC power supply。 However, with improvement of lithium battery technology, there is a new direction for the electric tool industry。 In the future, the wide application of lithium-based electric tools will be a trend。 With years of design experience in lithium battery industry, Gushine will devote more in electric tool industry and provide more relevant  products for customers。


Application Area 

Electric Screwdriver, Electric Drill, Curve Saw, Bevel Saw, Wrench, Welding Plier, Hand Grinder, Lawn Mower, etc



  • Use international brand cells

  • Fast Charging

  • Ultra-large discharge current, up to 50A or higher

  • Completed protection functions, such as short circuit, over charge, over discharge, over current, temperature protection, BMS, etc。 to ensure the safety and reliability of battery packs。