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Two Way Radio

It is likely to create intervene radiation because of the strong signal while the radio works, so it very important to make sure the design of the PCB can avoid the interference of the radiation.

With years of expertise, we can design and test our product base on the highest standard, and provide the most reliable battery packs to our customers。 We have achieved a very good reputation and built partnership with many leading companies worldwide。

Our products meet the standard below

Safety standard of lithium battery pack UL2054, IEC62133

Protection standard IEC 60529, IP68


GB3836.4, special design for IIC T4 standard

Application area

Public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railways, manufacturing, construction, services, etc.

Product features

● Voltage - 7.4V

● Capacity - 1500mAh~3500mAh

● Water-proof level - IP67, IP68

● Drop standard - 1.2~1.8m

● Explosion-proof level - Ia, Ib

● Low temperature performance -40℃ @0.2C can discharge more than 70%